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Blackcurrant enhance your sports performance:

Blackcurrant is rich in flavonoids, a polyphenolic compound having excellent antioxidative properties, which prevent the formation of deposits (majorly toxic substances) on the interior walls of the blood vessels. It results into smoother flow of blood through the circulation system. The rich anthocyanins level also support vasodilation for optimal circulation and oxygen delivery. This supports cardiovascular efficiency and supports muscle performance and recovery.

Blackcurrant speed up muscle recovery after exercise

Copper and iron are essential for the new blood cell formation. A deficiency in iron can lead to anemia, fatigue, and muscular weakness.

The extremely high level of Vitamin C is especially important for body builders whose training causes the most connective tissue damage. It also promotes a healthy immune system and may help to prevent the dip in immune function that may occur right after exercise.

Other bioactive such as flavonoid and anthocyanin act together with Vitamin C and serve as powerful antioxidant which may help to delay the onset of lactic acid production, reduce fatigue and reverse some of the oxidative damage that may occur after exercise.



黑加侖子含豐富類黃酮多酚化合物,具有優異的抗氧化性能,可防止(majorly有毒物質) 沉積物在血管的內壁上形成,使血液流通,血管系統循環順暢。


高含量維他命 C 對健身訓練時,導致的組織的損傷,尤為重要在運動後,有助於防止免疫功能減弱,促進免疫系統的健康。
綜合一些生物活理如花青素、類黃酮及維他命 C,加上高抗氧化能,延緩乳酸生產的發作,減輕運動後疲勞,支持肌肉性能恢復。


Michael Fitchett – New Zealand Tall Black Representative

“ I began taking the blackcurrant powder at the start of our preseason conditioning phase. I came to this phase in worse shape
than usual, and was expecting stiffness and pain from the sessions to be worse than in previous years. In fact,
I felt better in the mornings following training than I have in the past 10 years of preseason training.
As well as decreased muscle stiffness and fatigue, I felt like I had more energy than in the past.

My physical training now involves a lot of power specific weight sessions, which are typically very jarring, and hard on
the muscles and joints causing muscles pain in the next 2 days. Again my body feels better than ever, with minimal stiffness
and muscle fatigue. It means I can train better day after day.”







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Anneke Jenkins – New Zealand Triathlete

“ As a professional triathlete I train hard in three different sports everyday. The demands on the body are high,
even more when training at altitude and travelling a lot. Nutrition and recovery becomes just as important as the training
itself and Sujon powder is a perfect boost.

Sujon is a safe and healthly supplement, full of strong antioxidants that
helps to increase energy levels and support recovery. And it takes great! I have been experimenting with different recipes
and ways to use Sujon in my diet, it is so universal and everyone loves it! ”

“ 作為一位專業的三項鐵人運動員,我每天都有三種不同運動訓練。對身體的能力要求很高,還有高原的訓練及旅遊外出的次數都

Sujon 黑加侖子粉是完美,Sujon 是安全及健康的保健品。含有極强的抗氧成份,


Liam Flynn – Professional Basketball Coach

“ I can’t speak highly enough about Sujon.
It makes a huge different to concentration levels and reduced muscle soreness considerably. ”

“ 關於 Sujon我也不知道怎樣說好. 使我有重大不同的轉變在專注上及減少肌肉疼痛。”


Tony Dodds – Elite New Zealand Triathlete

@ Sujonberries your Sujon product is great! I use it every day after training!
@ Sujonberries this is some magic powder alright! Works a treat 🙂

@ Sujon 莓類產品太好了!我每天訓練後都服用。
@ Sujon 黑加侖子粉是魔法產品!非常有效 🙂

One New Zealand & Sujon Sponsor Hong Kong Athletes participate the Oxfarm Trailwalker at India on Nov 2018:

We are sponsor the blackcurrant powder to Ms. Kate Cheung (Hong Kong Athletes).
We all know the demands on the body are high for trailwalker. Nutrition and recovery becomes very important.
The blackcurrant powder that helps to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and support the muscle performance and recovery.

Excellence result: 100K, 86 teams participate, Kate’s team result is 4th.

After the competition, she is share the Sujon blackcurrant powder mixed with Indian tea with the staff and other athletes.

New Zealand National Athletes highly recommended Sujon blackcurrant powder:

New Zealand national basketball team “Tall blacks” have qualified for the FIBA World Champ’s being held at China 2019.
This national basketball team the “Tall blacks” (they are the first New Zealand team to take Sujon blackcurrant powder since nine years ago).
Next year will be the tenth one. Worth celebrating!
Wish them can become a great success and win the game in 2019.


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