We are sponsor the blackcurrant powder to Ms. Kate Cheung (Hong Kong Athletes).

We all know the demands on the body are high for trailwalker. Nutrition and recovery becomes very important. The blackcurrant powder that helps to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and support the muscle performance and recovery.

Excellence result: 100K, 86 teams participate, Kate’s team result is 4th.

After the competition, she is share the Sujon blackcurrant powder mixed with Indian tea with the staff and other athletes. 


New Zealand National Athletes highly recommended Sujon blackcurrant powder:

Courtesy of Basketball New Zealand


New Zealand national basketball team “Tall blacks” have qualified for the FIBA World Champ’s being held at China 2019.

This national basketball team the “Tall blacks” (they are the first New Zealand team to take Sujon blackcurrant powder since nine years ago).

Next year will be the tenth one. Worth celebrating!

Wish them can become a great success and win the game in 2019.

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