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Baking Soda Toothpaste

$38.00 HKD

Remove stains and food particles from teeth while neutralising plaque acids. Combined with a powerful, minty flavour to leave your mouth feeling clean, fresh, and fabulous.


Purified water.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Neutralises plaque acids.

Calcium carbonate: Mild abrasive and polisher.

Sorbitol: Sweetener and moistener.

Glycerin: Vegetable-based sweetener and moistener.

Sodium lauryl sulphate: Coconut-based foaming agent.

Cellulose gum: Gumming agent sourced from plant fibre.

Silica: Mild abrasive and thickener.

Peppermint oil.


Eucalyptus oil.

Aniseed oil.

Sodium Saccharin: Sugar-free sweetener.

Totarol: Antibacterial action.

Pack size: 100 grams.

Baking Soda Toothpaste

$38.00 HKD

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