Commitment to Quality:

Sujon sets the highest standards within the business

  • Constantly striving to achieve ever better fruit quality both in the field and factory
  • With a firm commitment to research and continuous improvement.
  • This approach has made Sujon becomes the leader in berryfruit processing and distribution
  • In 2001 with the implementation of an internationally certified HACCP quality system
  • Sujon’ s HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) accreditation is thought to have been more first for a berryfruit processor in Australasia
  • Sujon has its own centralized washing, freezing, grading, processing and packing facilities
  • In 2007 Sujon commissioned the Southern Hemisphere’s first Sujon’s Octo-Frost fluidized bed freezer System. It has provided a state of the art rapid freezing (IQF) facility that ensures the retention of the finest qualities of the fresh fruit

Sujon gain accreditation from

Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority New Zealand and The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Halal Association:

Sujon continues to strive for innovation:

  • Developing new ways to deliver berry fruit’s health benefits
  • Constantly improving quality assurance processes
  • Improving environmental impact

 Sujon invest a lot on innovation and IP management, international research and development collaborations. Over the last years, they are managing the successful development of collaboration between New Zealand Plant & Food, Massey University, and a cohort of Japanese Universities and companies, researching the potential for a Sujon blackcurrant powder extract to assist in carbohydrate metabolism. The project was successful in getting a NZ$400,000 research grant from MBIE because of its significant consumer health and commercial potential for NZ horticulture.